Pin Drive Sprockets

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We manufacture, and stock, pin drive chain saw sprockets for use on hand held saws, logging equipment, firewood cutting machines, bundle saws, deck saws, and special application saws.

   To see what styles, sizes, and bores are available click below. For custom sizes or bores please call us at 360-264-2141.


Click on a pitch to see what styles and bores are available.

1/4 Pitch

3/8 Pitch

1/2 Pitch

.325 Pitch

.404 Pitch

3/4 Pitch


Click on an image to see what sizes are available in that bore.

Small Oregon 7 Spline Sprocket

Small Oregon 7 Spline

Tapered Bore Sprcket

Tapered Bore

Large Oregon 7 Spline Sprocket

Large Oregon 7 Spline

Straight Bore Sprocket

Straight Bore with Key


Click Here for some know applications for specific sprockets.

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Last updated on 3/16/10